About Mike Rodarte

Mike Rodarte was born in southern California in 1983. He lived in North Orange County for most of his life. When he was 18, he moved to Moberly, Missouri, and lived there for four months. He moved to his home in Castle Rock, Colorado, in April 2009, and then to Centennial, Colorado in June 2014.

Mike Rodarte graduated high school in 2001, and then attended a few colleges. He went to Moberly Area Community College, Cypress College, Fullerton College, California State Polytechnic University of Pomona, and Colorado School of Healing Arts. He earned his Associate of Science degree in Computer Programming from Cypress College in 2006.

Mike realized Jesus needed to be his savior in 1991, and really began living for Jesus around 1998. He attended Baptist, Calvary Chapel, Presbyterian, and non-denominational fellowships over the years. Though he sins every day, he knows Jesus is still Lord, and he needs to do everything he can to please Jesus. Mike messes up daily, but still knows that the Bible is true, and he bases his mindset on the Bible, not just Biblical principles.

In 1997, Mike Rodarte learned how to play guitar and run sound at church. He soon learned how to play bass guitar, and trained others to run sound. He has been a worship leader since 1998, and the leader of the band for 2 of those years. Though he plays and enjoys music, he does not listen to music much.

In 2002, Mike Rodarte hated junior high students. On a retreat with them, he yelled at them on Friday night, then loved each one of them on Saturday morning. There was a drastic change in his view of the younglings, proving to be a calling to serve junior high students (as they are not the easiest to love). Mike has helped with junior high at two Calvary Chapels.

Mike Rodarte married Kristy Cline on February 14, 2016, at Littleton Christian Church in Littleton, Colorado. He is very new to this marriage thing, and is working to make it good. He met Kristy at one of his Meetup events in June of 2014, the same month he moved away from Castle Rock and left Castle Oaks. Also in June of 2014, Cherry Hills Community Church decided to end the young adults program, drastically changing Mike's life.

Currently (2016), Mike spends his time working, going to church functions, playing table top games, meeting with friends, riding his bikes, and watching movies. The Bible is important, so he reads it, and tries to learn as much as he can from each reading. He'll pick up a guitar and play sometimes, too.


  • Myers and Briggs MBTI: ESTJ.
  • Enneagram: Type One (The Reformer), followed by Type Two (The Helper)
  • Quadrant: Quadrant One (Pragmatist)
  • Work Style in Color: Cool Blue
  • DISC: C/DS