Collision September 20, 2003

Pet City is located in Garden Grove on Brookhurst at Katella. I was scheduled that day from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM because of a Dogwood show at Hosanna Chapel in Bellflower (I usually leave at 5:00 PM). I am a cashier there and also take care of the fish department at times. That Saturday, however, September 20, 2003, there was a fish person, Rainer. He is from the Philippines.

Rainer was to get off at 4:00 PM, too, surprisingly, and he wanted to leave when it was 3:55 PM. I told him I was going to wait until 4:00 PM because that is when my shift ended. He said he'd wait for me. By the time 3:58 PM came around, I wanted to leave. We were planning on riding the bus on Katella westbound, OCTA route 50, at 4:06 PM. We grabbed our backpacks and I grabbed my inline skates, too. Then we headed toward the corner.

As we reached the southwest corner of Brookhurst and Katella, we waited for the walk signal to illuminate and show us the little white man. Upon seeing him, we crossed Brookhurst. Rainer asked if he could carry one of my skates, I told him no. We continued to cross the street.

We reached the southeast corner and proceeded to wait for the light for Katella to turn red, as were other people in vehicles. I looked west, the direction from which we came, and saw a vehicle turning from Katella westbound to Brookhurst southbound. As it was turning, a SUV, possibly a Jeep, came flying through the intersection. Seeing that most people travel along Katella between 45 and 50 miles per hour, I believe this person was traveling around 55 miles per hour. The left-turning vehicle stopped in terror as the SUV came sliding past. The SUV swerved in front of the left-turning vehicle, which, in my personal opinion, is foolish anyway, and slid toward us. I tried to escape it.

From other sources I found out this part. The SUV slid toward us and hit the signal light pole closest to Katella, smashing the "Push to Walk" button and box. It then hit Rainer and me and flipped over three times. Rainer flew up into the air and came crashing down. He was also pinned against the sharp, brick wall, so I hear. The woman driver and the baby passenger were not injured much and were taken to a local hospital.

The next thing I knew, I was on the ground, head by the curb along Katella, watching the dark, red blood slowly ooze out of my nose. Rainer was on the ground next to me, still as a dead man, lying on his back. I landed on my left side and felt extreme pains in my left arm and feet. I said, "Somebody call my mom," until someone found a phone. She asked me the number and I gave her the home number.

About fifteen minutes later I woke up. I saw my mom and emergency personnel. They kept asking me questions and I answered them all correctly, no head damage, I would have assumed. They took off my backpack, at least what was left of it (I hear it was shredded with many of the contents ruined and wet), and loaded me into the CARE ambulance. My white polo shirt had a big blood stain over my right hip. My jeans were tore very slightly. My shoes survived. My right skate was recovered. My left skate and glasses disappeared. Pens and pencils got smashed and scratched. Water bottles broke. I had an A shirt in the backpack closest to my back; it is lost. My Bible got scratched and handled roughly, not compromising the Word of God. My Zip disk case broke and floppy disk case got scratched very much.

I rode in the ambulance with my arm and feet in much pain. Two guys kept asking me questions. I arrived at UCI Medical Center in Orange, across from the Block. They took me to the emergency room and started to work. There was a nurse in there who talked with me and let me squeeze her hand; I liked her. The orthopedics (bone doctors) took my bent left arm and made it straight. That hurt. They gave me some liquid to drink so that they could see inside me better. A lady stuck her finger (I think) into my anus. They did a lot more, but I can only remember talking with the nice nurse.

They wheeled me to another place so I could get a cat scan. They transferred me from the bed to the table. They stuck something in my penis that made me think I needed to urinate. That one was very painful. I laid on the bed, cold, and wondered what was going on. The machine moved me through the scanner a few times. They finally covered me and transferred me back to the bed.

From there they took me to SICU where I had my own room, and my own nurse, very nice. It was about 7:45 PM when I arrived. I asked a nurse to pull the thing out of my penis, and she did; it hurt. I was then to lie there until I got better. They told me my spleen was cut and that I was bleeding internally. They could not operate on my arm until my spleen stopped bleeding and was under control.

My parents came in to see me. My mom was called earlier and told that her son was lying in the street at Brookhurst and Katella. She left home and called my dad. She told him I was hit by a car. He continued working, tears coming down his cheeks. He told his coworkers I was hit by a car and they told him to go see me. He left, not quite sure what to think. He drove to the scene and then headed back to work. Then he turned around and met my mom at the hospital.

They saw me briefly in ER and then talked with me in ICU. My brother and his mom, Brandon and Jamie, came to ICU, too. We all talked for a little bit and then Jamie and Brandon left. Bob, the drummer from church, came by, also and talked for a few minutes. Later, they all left and I was left to myself. I asked when I could eat and drink and was told a few days. I slept for an hour, then Pastor Mark came in to see me. It was 10:30 PM by that time. He shared scriptures with me and prayed with me, very nice. He left, and Iwent to sleep.

Sunday morning came and so did my parents and Bob, about 9:40 AM. We all talked for a few minutes, then they had to go to church. The doctors came in around 10:30 AM and told me they were going to operate on my arm. They had me sign papers. It was 11:30 AM when I asked the nurse when they were to operate. She did not know. The doctors came in around noon and took me to surgery.

I told the nurses there about what happened; they were flabbergasted. They told me I was lucky. I asked what was going to happen, and they told me. I went in to surgery asleep around 12:30 PM. When I awoke, I was very drowsy. I could not see straight and the picture kept moving around in my head. I told them I wanted to see clearly, a few minutes later I could.

When I was in UCI Medical Center, I was told of injuries I received. They told me that I had internal bleeding, probably from my spleen. That did not sound very good. They kept me as a trauma patient because of it. I also had a bruised lung, and bruised liver. They said I had bruised or fractured two of my ribs, but I don't remember which I did. They had me in a neck brace for about a day because they wanted to make sure my neck was fine. When they took it off and asked me if it hurt, I said "no", even though it did hurt a little bit.

Besides those inside injuries I had outside injuries. The most major was my left elbow. It was fractured. I had scratches and scrapes on my body in the places in the pictures. I had two broken toes on my left foot. There was road rash on my right side.

I have some doubts about what happened. Here is a possible scenario.

It's somewhat a peculiar thing of what happened. I do not recall a car physically making contact with me. I would conclude that a car travelling 50 miles per hour would probably do more than throw two guys into a wall a few feet away. It seems as though upon making contact with my body it should have left some large bruise on impact. However, I do not show any signs of that whatsoever. This is odd.

Here is the theory...

My mom said that an angel probably came and threw me into the brick wall behind me so that I would not sustain damage from the Jeep. I most likely was thrown into the wall because my heels were scraped. This would also explain how my toes broke. My mom believes that one of the skates I was carrying fell on my foot after I hit the wall. That could very much be accurate.

Whether or not this is true, I do not know. I know that God was watching out for me that day as He always is and kept me here on Earth for a reason. I had two shirts on and tucked into my pants; that kept the top of my lower body free from injury. My backpack with a shirt and Bible in it helped save my back. This wasn't my doing. Sure, I put the clothes on and loaded my backpack, but it is because God told me to do so. He has a plan for my life and wants me here for some reason. He has not yet revealed to me what that reason is, but I'm sure it's worth it.