Bike Crash September 1, 2011

Broberg and I went biking on Thursday, September 1, 2011, leaving Castle Rock and heading to Del Taco in Parker. It's normally a great ride, taking about 1.5 hours one-way. I've done this ride one other time with him, and he has done it a few times now. The ride is great, being out in the open on Cherry Creek Trail, and I enjoy it.

We made it to Parker, but after about a mile of being on the other trail (the name escapes me for now), there was a rail separating the trail from the mini canyon. My bike was traveling with a high velocity, and to make the ride smoother, I shifted to the biggest sprocket, allowing me to go faster. It was at that moment that my handlebars hit the rail. I realized I was going down, but didn't know what to do. As expected, since the right side of my bike hit the rail, I was pushed to the left, and slid on the ground, having my bike on top of me.

Broberg heard the sound of my handlebar hitting the rail, and he, too, anticipated the crash. He couldn't turn around quick enough to see it happen, but he was at my side within a few seconds. One of my legs was tangled in the bike, my left side was on the ground, and my right arm wouldn't move. I had Broberg help me up, and we examined the damage. My bike's chain was messed up a bit, and the gear indicator on the right was gone. My bell is scratched, too. I was in pain, but knowing a little about the body, I smiled, releasing good chemicals into my body to ease my pain.

I didn't know what to do. I don't have medical insurance and an ambulance ride is expensive. It would take Broberg two hours to ride home, then drive back to Parker, which he did eventually. We walked to Del Taco, about three quarters of a mile, and sat there, until we figured out what to do.

There is a place near Del Taco called Twenty Mile Urgent Care off of Twenty Mile Road and Parker Road. We walked to there, and then Broberg left for home. Owen is the guy who helped me, and he did a great job. He talked with me, took X-rays, and held me still as two other guys did their job. I dislocated my right arm. Thanks to my brief anatomy and physiology training, I guessed it was a dislocation at Del Taco because my muscles seemed to be in a different place, and nothing felt broken.

At the urgent care place, they gave me some drugs in my gluteals, and had me lie prone on a table with a ten pound weight strapped to my arm. They hoped that would put my arm back in place, but it did not. Knowing I had to be fixed, the doctor, Owen, and another guy all worked together to shove my arm back to where it needed to be. Another X-ray was taken to verify the bone was back as expected.

Between having my arm stretched with the weight and them putting the bone back in place, Owen bandaged my left arm. Yes, the same arm that was hurt in September 2003 was hurt again. This time, however, it was only an abrasion. It's about four inches long and half an inch wide. I have my arm wrapped most of the time. My left arm actually hurts much more than my right arm. They didn't check out my left arm, but when I go back on Sunday, I will request they look at it because my shoulder down to my hand is the area of pain.

I walked out of there having paid $199. They gave me a CD of my X-rays, and those images are available on this site. I got a prescription for Vicodin, and paid not even $8 for it. I also got some Ibuprofen. I don't like drugs.

Broberg was such a great help to me during that whole time. Even with him not liking blood at all, he helped wipe away some of the blood at Del Taco, and he dressed my left arm on Friday night. Without him, I wouldn't be doing very well. If you've read my testimony, you'll notice he's one person who has made a huge difference in my life.