Mike's biological parents were married until he was 4 or 5. While they were married, Mike attended Catholic churches. He was baptized Catholic as a baby, too. Being Catholic was something his biological dad wanted, and his mother did not like it.

Mike on Half Dome at Yosemite with CCA youth groupAfter the divorce, when Mike was 5, his mother married Steve. They began going to First Baptist Church in Huntington Beach/Fountain Valley (about 30 minutes away from the house in Garden Grove). Mike got saved at age 8, realizing who God is and what God has done. He got baptized there in April 1991.

In early 1993, Mike's parents started attending Calvary Chapel Anaheim (about 15 minutes away). His parents had issues, and they ended up marrying and divorcing each other 3 times. This did prove to be difficult for Mike, but he survived.

Youth Leader BrobergIn junior high, Mike's parents were going through one of their tough times, and Mike couldn't get to CCA by his parents. It was then that male youth leaders stepped-in to Mike's life and would take him to and from CCA for the mid-week services. Besides being his taxi drivers, they would teach Mike about Jesus and how to live more for Jesus. At school, Mike would partake in the dirty jokes, not understanding them, and would say bad words, not knowing what they meant, because he wanted to be cool and fit-in with certain people. He was completely different at home and church.

Mike's MomIn high school, Mike got serious about living for Jesus, and though he was still messed-up, he followed Jesus. He still got rides to church (his parents divorcing finally when he was 13-15), and got involved there. Having been taught how to play guitar and run sound, he spent as much time as he could at CCA, serving Jesus by serving others.

Mike's Dad eating a cookie at a CCA Men's RetreatThough Mike did have a difficult home life, he was still raised well. His mother raised him, for the most part, and though he didn't like everything she did, he knows she did a good job. Between his mother and the adult leaders in the youth group, Mike had a solid foundation, and strove to live for Jesus.

Mike's brother BrandonIn 1999, Mike's mom married Jerry, Mike's current and last dad. Mike took to him quite well, despite the issues Jerry had at the time. With the new dad came a new brother (though he was 8 years old). Mike's sister had moved out and had her first two kids (twins) by this time, but we would all get along.

At school, Mike got involved with the Bible club on campus, and even started a new one his senior year with a friend. It was when Mike was 16 that he truly decided Jesus is God and he needs to live for God as much as possible. Having played music for the past 3-4 years at this point, Mike was the worship leader at the Bible club, while his friend led the Bible studies.

Since 1998, Mike got involved with leading worship for the youth group at CCA (though he was still a youth). Even after graduating high school, he remained as a leader and worship leader for the youth group. He did play with the band for the adult Sunday morning service for a year or so at some point, as well as joining the Saturday night band for a month or two. Music was a large part of Mike's life, and he realized that God called him to be a leader of worship through playing music, a dream he still has to this day.

Mike in MissouriMany people turn away from Jesus when in college, but Mike kept going. He was a worship leader for a small Bible study group at a college in Missouri while he was there. He still helped with the youth group at CCA through October 2006. Being involved and shown how to live for Jesus is what kept Mike going forward.

Mike sins daily, and does not claim to be perfect. Though he knows what to do (according to the Bible), he does not choose it all of the time. His continuing mission is to boldly go where God sends him. Being raised as a follower of Jesus, he has had his struggles with judging others and being like a Pharisee. It was at age 17 that he realized he needed to submit to his mother, even when she was wrong. He realized at age 21 how to not judge people, but love them. Pride used to be a big issue, especially with regard to playing music, then it was no longer an issue. The pride does come back sometimes, though.

One distinguishing characteristic about Mike is that he strives to be honest in all he does. Thinking of Proverbs 30:7-9, Mike wants nothing to do with lies, and wants to have only what is necessary to live. He struggles with handling people calling him a liar or misquoting him, making him seem to be a liar. If you want truth and honesty, talk with Mike. He lies every once in a while, such as responding to "How are you?" with a not-completely-true answer.

Currently, Mike is involved at Calvary Chapel Castle Rock, serving junior high students. He was involved with the worship band and sound team, but moved on to work with junior high. As God told him to go to CCCR and be with Enkaio (the junior high group), he will be there until God tells him to not be there, serving Jesus through it all.